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We understand that the assessment process can be overwhelming. Valley Autism Assessments strives to create an environment where individuals and their families feel supported from start to finish. The goal of the evaluation process is to form a complete picture of the toddler, child or adolescent's strengths and challenges to determine a diagnosis.  

The evaluation process consists of 2 sessions, each lasting between 1-3 hours. Each session will involve gathering information about the toddler, child or adolescent through the use of interviews, questionnaires and standardized measures such as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second-Edition (ADOS-2). Following the evaluation, a feedback session will be scheduled to review the comprehensive report as well as to discuss suggestions for therapeutic interventions and educational planning. 

Valley Autism Assessments, LLC accepts Medicaid Optima and Anthem plans. Co-payments and additional costs related to assessments are due upon arrival at appointment. Please contact us for more information regarding cost and payment options.  

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